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What’s your social status?

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Calculate your social status using this tool from the NY Times. (Click on the components of class tab.) The inputs are occupation, education level, income and wealth. The tool was created to run with a week long series of articles on class in America, back in 2005.

Amazingly, my result is 95 (averaged over the 4 inputs), despite being pulled down by the occupational prestige score 82 of astronomers and physicists 🙂 We’re ranked number 5 overall out of several hundred occupations listed, with doctors and lawyers 1-2, and, strangely, database and system administrators 3-4. CEOs are way down at 46!

While social status can be crudely modeled by the average of the percentile results from the four inputs (higher average = higher social status), the figure doesn’t actually represent the percentage of the population with lower status, since the four inputs are correlated and the score assigned to occupation isn’t really a population percentile.

Written by infoproc

June 26, 2008 at 11:41 pm

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